Add Life to Worn and Broken Machinery


The Economics of Re-Manufacturing

Why Rebuild?

  • A rebuild is economical. For example, a typical major rebuild of a press is typically 25% the cost of a new press.
  • Depending on the condition of shafts and Drive Gears, the cost could be less.
  • Remanufacturing of the existing Press involves intense Drive Train work and can drive the costs up further, but yield closer to "like new" results.
  • Rebuilding is much quicker than waiting for a new press to be built.
    Rebuilding your existing Press allows you to reuse your existing foundation.
  • You already know this machine and it’s capabilities, and chances are this press is heavier in construction than a new machine. Press Frames are not being built heavier nowadays - in fact, many are lighter, delivering the rated tonnage only, and ‘nothing extra’, as was the case in the past.

Complete Press Rebuilding

Add new life to your worn or broken machinery

  • Dismantle, evaluate and repair existing parts.
  • Replace with new parts as required.
  • Machine the Bolster, Slide, Gibs and Cushion Liners.
  • Overhaul the Counterbalance Cylinders.
  • Renew all Bronze Bushings.
  • Replace all anti-friction bearings.
  • Rework or Replace the shafts.
  • Overhaul the Driveshaft System (Clutch/Brake and Flywheel Assembly).
  • Overhaul Adjustment Assembly.
  • Repair or replace Lube System.
  • Hydraulic Tie-Rod Nuts.
  • Reassemble and trial run to customer's satifaction.

Partial Press Rebuilding

Localized repairs for specific parts.

  • Example: Broken Adjustment Screws, Crankshafts, Worn Gears, etc. are
  • sometimes dealt with by repairing only the related parts to get the press
  • up and running quickly.
  • Call us for our opinion on these types of repairs

Bolsters Machined

Hydraulic Tie Rod Nuts
  • Saves hours of work stressing Tie Rods for initial operation.
  • Saves their own cost in the event of Press Jam-up.
  • Gives you the confidence of knowing that the Tie Rods are stressed equally and properly.

Shut Height Changes

Adding new capacity to your existing press.

  • An economical alternative to press replacement.

Window Opening Changes

  • Allows greater versatility for your feeding equipment and Press Line.

Clutch Conversions

  • Remove your worn out existing Clutch/Brake and replace it with a modern Pneumatic or Hydraulic Clutch/Brake Combination unit.

  • The unit is engineered to fit the application. In some cases this is a better fit for your press than the original selection.

  • We look at the whole Drive System. Sometimes an oversize Motor Sheave has caused your clutch to fail. Putting a new Clutch/Brake without looking at all of the Press Drive Characteristics will lead to another failure. Let us look at this and offer a permanent solution.
Clutch and Driveshaft Service
  • Expert Clutch and Driveshaft repairs.
  • New Driveshafts manufactured.
  • New Bearings installed
  • Clutch/Brake Discs refaced.
  • Clutch/Brake Discs relined with premium Friction Pad materials.
Rams Machined
  • Cracks repaired.
  • All faces corrected by machining.
  • New Bronze or Phenolic Wear Strips manufactured and fitted.

Spare Parts

  • Existing Press Parts can be copied and Drawings retained in our files for service that will likely be far quicker than the factory.
  • Changes to the original design, to suit rebored components, etc., can be accommodated by us much easier than by the factory.
  • We can give you very good advice about which parts are recommended spares.

Bronze Bushings

  • Any size up to 98"
  • Any Material. We have excellent Centrifugal Foundry resources to get your bronze now.
  • We pay special attention to how bushings fail and take steps to prevent reoccurence. Ask us how!


New Gears

  • New Gears are often made by Romeo Machine Shop and Manufacturing at a fraction of the time required by Press Factories.
  • We produce the Gear Blanks quickly, and cut Spur Gears in-house, while sending out many Helical, Worn Gears, Bevel Gears and Herringbone Gears, as well as Splines to be Tooth cut by a number of outsourced vendors who understand your desire to get up and running as soon as possible.

Remanufacturing of Worn Gears

  • Bullgears and Eccentric Gears for Presses and other machinery can be economically remanufactured to give like-new service once again.
  • We remove the old teeth, forge a seamless Carbon Steel Ring, machine the parts for a shrink fit, weld, remachine and recut teeth, saving costs on materials and salvaging the remainder of the gear.

Counterbalance Cylinder Rebuilding

  • We dismantle and evaluate the Counterbalance Cylinder.
  • Hone Cylinder Tube.
  • Repair or Supply new Piston Shaft.
  • Renew Packings and Seals.
  • Renew the Gland and Guide Bushings.
  • Recondition the Piston.
  • Test in our shop.

Air Cushion Rebuilding

  • We dismantle and evaluate the Air Cushion Cylinder.
  • Hone Cylinder Tube.
  • Repair or Supply new Piston Shaft.
  • Renew Packings and Seals.
  • Renew the Gland and Guide Bushings.
  • Recondition the Piston.
  • Manufacture and fit new Wearstrips.
  • Test in our shop.

Preventative Maintenance
  • Your Press checked by experts and an objective third-party written report is rendered.
  • Provides and excellent benchmark to monitor changes to your equipment.
  • An excellent supplement to your own work force who can be taking care of other maintenance tasks and keeping your plant running
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