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Mission Statement:

To provide our customers with machine repair and rebuilding, steel fabrication and contract machine services that meet and exceed industry standards. We will strive to meet our customer’s needs in terms of reaction time and on-time delivery. A safe working environment will be the focus on projects inside and outside of our plant. Our employees will receive ongoing training in terms of safety and technical aspects, safe guarding that their growth is in step with that of the company’s. We will operate with the highest level of efficiency ensuring profitability. We will aim to achieve the highest level of potential growth in our industry. The level of service we will provide will stand us apart from our competitors as the industry leader.

Vincent. R. Del Duca Joseph A. Del Duca
Vice President

The Romeo Story

On the surface, it may seem like Romeo Machine Shop is an ordinary sort of business. After all, the types of work we do are not that unusual...

  • Machine Repair
  • Ship Repair
  • Fabrication
  • Designing & Building of Dedicated Machinery
  • Press Rebuilding
  • Large Machining
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Turnkey Serivces

Actually, nothing about our work is ordinary. Over the years, we've earned the right to the tough jobs. Ones our competitors can't do...the soon as possible jobs. Jobs that must be done right. People depend on us to keep their businesses going.

The sophisticated machinery of today's complex industries requires highly skilled service and repair to assure optimum performance and minimum downtime. That's the type of service we deliver.

We understand that when a punch press needs a new crank or an 8-foot diameter gear breaks, the resulting downtime can be a killer - a profit killer. And Romeo Machine Shop has a solid reputation going back to 1929 of putting critical pieces of industry back into production - quickly and on budget.

The Best...When You Need It

We're justifiably proud of our reputation. Our customers include some of the most demanding industries in the world...

  • Stamping/molding
  • Automotive
  • Scrap Metal Processing
  • Plastic Injection
  • Mining
  • Hydroelectric
  • Aircraft
  • Ship Repair

With regular clients such as these, they can't afford anything less than our best.

Romeo has the tools, flexibility, expertise and people to assure the best. The best quality. The best delivery. The best effort. Every machine we repair, for example, meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications. And perhaps as important, all the work we do in timed to meet the customer's needs - not our convenience.

Problem Solving...A Way of Business

Often we face projects that demand some hard thinking. Ordinary solutions aren't good enough. This is where the collective experience of the people who are Romeo Machine Shop really pays off. They have the experience - the hands-on experience - it takes to find the best way to do the job to meet your needs.

Workmanship Makes Our Guarantee Possible

If we wern't so sure of our workmanship, we coulndn't make this guarantee: "If we don't do the work right, you don't pay." That's confidence.

Ship Repair...Where We Prove Our Mettle

The work we do on the ladies of the lakes is some of the most demanding work around. It uses all our skills of fabrication, design, and machine repair. It's done in dead of winter. The stakes are high because each day of lost shipping costs money...lot of money.

The size of the ship repair projects we undertake is virtually unlimited. We regularly do repairs to trunnions, unloading booms, elevators and other ship "maintenance." We also restore the massive hull damage that is caused by normal wear and collisions.

The Ro-Matt Clutch... Added Safety & Economy

The patented Ro-Matt Air Clutch and Brake for industrial presses is a direct result of our experience in all phases of machine repair. We invented it and we feel it has some very important features...

  • Meets all federal safety standards.
  • Installed in weeks - not months.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Fast service when needed.
  • Available from 20 to 350 tons.

The Ro-Matt Air Clutch and Brake is an ideal way to bring your equpment up to current safety standards. Give us a call. You'll find the price, service and performance meets your standards.

What our Satisfied Customers Are Saying

One of the company's biggest customer's is pleased by Romeo's growth. Frank Ciampini, corporate manufacturing manager for Narmco, said Romeo provides the "turnkey" support he needs. Ciampini says a company that can do it all - engineering design through manufacturing and maintenance - makes life easier for firms like his.

"A lot of people don't encompass all the disciplines and it makes it difficult to monitor or control," (Ciampini) said.

Taken from the January 1998 edition of the Windsor Business publication.

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The Romeo Story

The Best...When you need it

Problem Solving...A Way of business

Workmanship Makes Our Guarantee Possible

Ship Repair...Where We Prove Our Mettle

The Ro-Matt Clutch... Added Safety & Economy

What our Satisfied Customers Are Saying

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